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Allen Jay Coles



I’m a photographer living in Columbia, SC who has been involved in photography for many years even as I served as a school administrator before retiring some years ago. This medium has continually stretched my technical skills and creative capacity. There has always been new things to learn and try from capturing an image, to post processing it, to printing the image and displaying it. My works have been exhibited at juried exhibitions including ArtFields, the Anderson Arts Center, the South Carolina State Museum, and Biennale in Hilton Head.

My photography conveys the artfulness of beings and things by virtue of their shapes, colors, gestures and lighting. I’m taken by the meaning they express that transcends their physicality. For me, sometimes the meaning is affection, or joy, or aloneness. Other times its fantasy or mystery. While I attempt to get it all in camera, I’m not opposed to using post processing to make my intent clearer to the viewer.