Miranda Attales

The World of Oceanblue Art

My name is Miranda Attales, and I’m a twenty-one-year-old freelance multimedia artist from Cayce, South Carolina working in 2-D and 3-D. I specialize in drawing, painting, digital design, doll art, plush toys, costumery for people and dolls, and writing fiction. I’m a devoted fan of Japanese pop culture, modern American cartoons, and supernatural phenomena, which I express through my mostly adorable, sometimes creepy artwork. Having experienced depression and anxiety, my purposes as an artist are to help others escape suffering by creating cute things for them to enjoy, and to help others understand their feelings by portraying my own. My professional goal is to introduce the world to my artwork by becoming a character concept artist and writer. Being mostly self-taught, I haven’t attended school for art but plan to in the future. You can follow me @TheWorldOfOceanblueArt on Facebook and Instagram.

Media in which I work: Traditional drawing, traditional painting, digital design, sculpture, needlecrafts, fashion, costuming, printmaking, creative writing, videography 

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