How to Choose Images for Your Artist's Profile

Updated: Feb 1

Our site's Artist's Profiles are a great way to have an online presence without having to do much of the work that goes into having your own page. They act as interactive digital business cards, allowing visitors to get to know you and your work. For the sake of brevity and to help the page load faster, profile galleries have a limit of six images. So which ones should you choose? It depends on the type of work you do.

Do you work in a wide variety of media or different genres? If so, putting together your gallery may actually be easier. Think about choosing images that showcase the very best of each type of medium and/or genre you work in. For example, if you draw, paint, and sculpt, choose your two best drawings, your two best paintings, and your two best sculptures.

Or is your body of work more focused? If almost all of the work you do is one specific medium with a very focused aesthetic, choose images that really make your technical skill shine. However, be sure not to choose images that look or feel too similar, because your gallery may come across as redundant.

Do you have a LOT of artwork in general? If you have an expansive portfolio showcasing years of work, choosing only six images may be difficult. Keeping in mind the previous advice, it may also be a good idea to choose images from the past two years or newer. It's a good idea to accurately show the current state of your work. Also, you're welcome to submit digital collages as individual works! So if, for example, you did a series of paintings with a specific theme, put them together in a collage. It'll only count for one of your six slots.

Or do you only have a few works to show off? If you only have a handful of works that you see as fit for the public to see, perhaps submit some detail shots or shots of different angles.

Are you afraid that the type of work you do is "too weird" or "too obscure"? We at the Guild welcome absolutely all forms and genres of art. This includes surrealism, fan art, anime & manga, comics, cosplay, Furry art, vent art/Menhera, and all other forms of esoteric and fandom art (remember to keep it family-friendly, though.) My own profile has a drawing of my fursona and a Monster High doll!

Whatever the case, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • When you pay your renewal fee each year, you may request that your gallery pictures be changed. However, your pictures may not be changed before this time, so choose wisely.

  • Only submit .png or .jpg/.jpeg format. .tiff, .svg, etc files will not work properly.

  • Submit images that are as high-quality as possible. Take good photos or make good quality scans of your work. We highly recommend submitting images in .png format. (This is because .png files will remain the same quality no matter how many times you transfer it- "PNG" stands for "Portable Network Graphic." .jpg is a "compressed" file type- every time you upload/download or import/export, the quality will decline.)

  • It's okay to put watermarks on your pictures, but make sure they're not too obtrusive.

  • Please do not submit images that depict graphic or explicit content. We support all forms of art at the Guild, but we want our website to be accessible by anyone of any age. Artistic nudity is fine, though. Try to keep it PG.

  • Please don't submit political artwork that could come across as inflammatory. Again, we at the Guild welcome all forms of artistic expression, but we don't want visitors to our site to think we are promoting a specific ideology. However, portraits of political figures, images depicting an LGBT lifestyle, and military art are acceptable (remember to keep it PG, though.) We will use our discretion on a case-by-case basis.

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