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Sean Madden

Sean Madden Arts

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I was raised in an artist’s family. My mother was a semi-professional oil painter and instructor. While she won a couple of State Fair ribbons, she never pursued her passion as much as her husband and children would have liked. And, while my father was a talented painter and sculptor, his military career would take precedence. And, while I had no choice in “picking up” certain visual arts tendencies, my passion was music. After life happened and my musical pursuits would be put on hold, my artistic background would continue to pop up. After working for several years as a furniture restorer, my inner wood carver (an influence from my father) would prove to be quite an asset as well as my mother’s gift of seeing color. It became evident later on that these influences were entirely subconscious and, as I picked up the paint brush again a few years back, it felt quite natural. My style is, primarily, impressionistic and I enjoy landscape works, both real and fantasy. But portraits of both pets and humans frequent my easel as well.