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Marion MasonMarion Mason Sculpture 6

aka Sculptguy



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I am all about the aesthetics of form.

The forms I sculpt are inspired by the forms I see in both nature and the built environment. I don’t pull those forms out of their environment and simply apply them to my sculpture. Not literally. These formal concepts are deconstructed and manipulated in my mind. Then I consciously and subconsciously create the forms of my sculpture.
I work primarily in the non-objective style. This allows me to be totally unencumbered by expressive content, allowing the viewer the freedom to understand and interpret my sculpture any way they desire. I only desire that my pieces be visually pleasing forms that express my primary interests: dynamic movement and visual contrasts.

If I can make the viewer want to actually touch the sculpture I made I’ve been successful. I intend that my pieces be sensual (not in the sexual context) and instill a desire for the viewer to caress the form.

Yes, I’m a formalist sculptor who cherishes the aesthetics of form. Many of my paintings and drawings are also executed in the non-objective style.

I’m also a dedicated photographer who mostly captures objects and scenes in nature that also show dynamic movement and visual contrasts. My photographs can be seen at