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Robert Johnson

A & R Crafts, LLC

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I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but in the past five years I have gotten more involved in doing actual photography. There is a difference in just going out and snapping the shutter which most people do on vacations, parties, etc. Photography is more involved than just snapping the shutter and I like getting more involved, and in many cases think outside the box.

I enjoy photographing anything and everything, from animals, landscapes, flowers, old cars, planes, buildings, etc. I have gotten involved with Macro Photography, which focuses on a small part of a subject photograph, instead of capturing the entire image. Many of my macro pictures are set up and taken on my dining room table.

In the past 3 years I have also gotten into pour painting. It is interesting and you never know what the design/end results will be. I also have done string pull painting mainly doing feathers designs. Happily, my paintings were noticed by a beach resort owner in the Philippians and he purchased seventeen (17) pieces of artwork. This is just another avenue to enjoy doing artwork.

I do have a Facebook page, “Johnson’s Photography” which has some of my work on it. If you check it out the main picture is of a 1952 Ford Pickup Grill.