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Skip Willits

Skip Willits Fine Art Photography


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I have been in this business for 35 years and have seen all the changes. I have close to a thousand images on; it is the only website I have found that makes money. Could you take a look? Just click the link above.

My purpose in this business is customer-oriented and I will strive to fulfill that purpose. From Ansel Adams climbing mountains with an 8 x 10 camera, to the digital transformation in photography and now the AI influence, the work and end product is constantly changing.

In the past, I have done as many as 26 shows per year, but now I am in a few galleries and working online. Ah, the life of an active octogenarian. If you seek wall art for home or office take a look at my website. I specialize in lighthouse photography, wildlife, urban scenes, and historic reproductions. Of the 320 lighthouses on the East Coast, I have visited over 200, photographed them, and a great deal of the scenes along the way.

Spend some time on the website galleries, you’ll have fun and be productive.