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Member Profiles

Ann Anrrich

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

Having grown up in Columbia I received a BFA from USC with a concentration in painting and printmaking, and specially influenced by Boyd Saunders. I’ve done many portraits over the years and lately have developed an interest in painting landscapes, city streets in Columbia, and people doing the mundane. Or…. Fun!

Josef Berliner

Eye-Conic Art Studio


My name is Josef Berliner, and I am a professional artist residing with my husband in Columbia, South Carolina. I work with oils on canvas, in a pseudo-realistic manner, with a range of subject matter including portraiture, flora, fauna, landscapes and seascapes. I look forward to being an active participant in the Cayce Art Guild, and getting to know my fellow members.

Beverly Breuer

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

I enjoy photographing nature and creating oyster shell nativity scenes. I like to capture a wide range of subjects with my photography and make the ordinary look unique with cropping, repetition and black tones.

My oyster shell nativity scenes are inspired by God’s magnificent creation, with pieces being gathered from my favorite coastal places. The most gratifying and challenging part of the nativity scene process is selecting expressive shells that complement each other.

I became interested in photography as a teenager and am blessed to have an encouraging husband who inspires me to present a unique perspective in my work.

Jacqueline Brown

I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I joined the Army after high school and settled in South Carolina. I have always loved drawing, mostly as a hobby. I started painting in acrylic due to Covid and having more time at home. What really inspired me to paint was watching Portrait Artist of the Year. This program showcased some amazing artists, pro and amateur. Having my brother praise my work was a big motivator, he is an artist in Pittsburgh. I use reference for ideas. I like doing art to bring pleasure to others. I’m working to improve portrait painting.

Jester Jane Burton
Backyardkoi & Art

Too many beautiful subject in this realm that gave me spark to create and paint. I am mostly drawn to water, trees, animals and color black, white, blues & red. My palette depends on the mode I am in, though from time to time I also experiment some different hues. Planning and sketching is essential, but there are also times that I just wing it and surprisingly producing a fascinating result, and the process is what I enjoy the most.

The goal of my journey is to capture my fascinating crazy ideas, present it and share it with you all.

Sandra Courie

Sandra Courie

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

The process of learning acrylic painting has pulled me into a deeper understanding of art and broadened my perspective of this wonderful world we live in and how it affects me. I look, appreciate, and enjoy the wonder as my life is enriched by this new and ever-changing perspective. A drop of rain can reflect the world around it; budding leaves are not necessarily green, sometimes they’re yellow or red; I never even noticed until I became an artist. It’s been there all along, but when I began to put paint on a canvas, life became more significant.

Colleen Dwyer

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

Instagram / Twitter / Facebook: @cbelldoodles

Colleen Dwyer is a multi-media artist who paints with water colors and acrylics, enjoys photography, and is a trained graphic designer and former nail artist. Her “in-the-moment” process is influenced by the medium, subject, and piece she is creating. Colleen often sets out to make one thing but ends up with something completely different, a process and outcome she finds exciting. As for her artistic inspiration, Colleen credits her father, who was an artist and a jeweler.

Trudith Dyer

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

Instagram: @trudithdart

As a Native American artist I work mostly in watercolor because I love its brilliance and characteristics of translucency. Watercolors allow me to convey emotions, set a mood, or experiment with new techniques in a rather short drying time. I also like to work in mixed media using paper, acrylics, material and modeling mediums when I am addressing past present and future issues of Native Americans. In this sense I identify as a research artist. I find the truth before media goes on canvas.

Renea Eshleman

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

I especially enjoy creating nature compositions from photographs I take while traveling around the beautiful state of South Carolina. I strive to lure the viewer into wanting to “be there” in the painting to look for what is not obvious. My art includes representational, dream compositions, and some objective abstract. Having begun painting in traditional transparent watercolor, I mostly paint now on non-traditional surfaces using liquid and tube watercolor and acrylics.

Sharon Funderburk

I’ve always been interested in creating. My grandmother used to recycle everything. Growing up I would walk in the woods by myself. The texture and colors of the landscape guild me. I think that’s why I’m always exploring new media.

Benji Hicks

Brush, Knife and Baren LLC

Benji Hicks was born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1970. He graduated from Brookland Cayce high school, class of 1988. With no formal training, he is a self-taught artist and woodblock print maker. Working professionally as a carpenter and painter, he has always enjoyed drawing, painting and wood carving. He decided to combine these skills to create woodblock prints. Being just as passionate about the tools, materials and techniques of Mokuhanga , (Japanese woodblock printing), as he is about the images he creates. He draws inspiration from the arts, culture and natural world around him.

Charles Hite

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

I am a life-long resident of Lexington County, in South Carolina. I decided to pay attention to my photography in 2009 at the tender age of 60. I hope my love of nature in all aspects can be seen in these images. When asked, I really enjoy sharing the stories of my photos with others, and listening to their stories as well. Most of my scenic photos are from SC and the Midlands, including nature, old buildings, historic sites, and astronomy related events.

Katty Hite

During the 2020 epidemic lockdown, I looked for art to create at home. The alternative photography process of cyanotype and lumen printing interested me. After some research, I began to play around with images. I began with plant material and objects. Later I added photo negative transparencies. I’ve recently started making paper from dryer lint for cyanotypes. I love the surprises that come with each creation…sometimes beautiful and sometimes not so much!

Pete Holland

All that I have ever wanted to do is create art. During my early school years it was my favorite subject and the only course that I could complete with any skill. That thought followed me through out my educational process so when it was time to consider a career, I chose architecture because I considered drafting to be artistic. Architecture did provide a stable income but I continued to think that I would never be happy until I could retire and paint as much as I wanted. That is what I do now.

Rebecca L Horne

As an abstract artist, when I make art, I make art for myself. I’m not concerned whether someone will like it or not. I think about four things: Does it bring me happiness? Is it unique? Will the viewer be drawn in to it? And will it capture the viewers imagination? If I feel that I’ve achieved this, then I feel like I’ve succeeded as an artist. Then, when it’s completed, the bonus is how other people respond to it. I want someone to see my art and have it distract them from everything going on around them.

Robert Johnson

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but in the past five years I have gotten more involved in doing actual photography. I enjoy photographing anything and everything, from animals, landscapes, flowers, old cars, planes, buildings, etc. I have gotten involved with Macro Photography, which focuses on a small part of a subject photograph, instead of capturing the entire image. Many of my macro pictures are set up and taken on my dining room table.

Kay Jordan

Kay’s Kreations

I make beaded jewelry. All of my designs are original. I like to buy beads to which I am drawn either by the color, the brilliance or the unusual design. I like to pair them with auxiliary beads in creative and changing patterns. I have used Swarovski crystals from Switzerland, Murano beads from Italy, and turquoise from Mexico, compliments of my daughter’s and friends’ travels. I enjoy creating the jewelry. My greatest pleasure comes from the joy my jewelry brings to others!

Ann Kinsinger


I became enchanted with stone and metal many years ago. Using the primal element of heat, taking torch to metal, I work with silver, copper, brass, and bronze. I incorporate my own molten vision into my jewelry with hand-created metal beads, fused metal forms, silver chains, and charcoal-cast bronze and silver. Many of these are combined with beautiful and unusual cabochons and beads acquired over the years; others stand alone as unique and lovely creations. In more whimsical moments, I combine metal with found objects and my own hand-made paper to create playful earrings and other pieces.

Lauraette Kirkland

LK Studio

Mostly I do clay sculpture: 3-D and 2-D. I love playing in the clay and teaching. The fun of creating is like therapy but I do paintings as well. If I not working on a project, I get restless. So I find art endeavors much fun.

Marion Mason

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page


Form. It’s all about form. I am a formalist sculptor. I am all about the aesthetics of form. The forms I sculpt are inspired by the forms I observe in both nature and the built environment. I don’t pull those forms out of their environment and simply apply them to my sculpture. Not literally. These fundamental concepts are deconstructed in my mind. From these ideas, I consciously and subconsciously create forms through which I express dynamic movement and contrast. My forms are sensual (not in a sexual context) and invite the viewer to caress them, but do not touch.

Yvonna Mills

Cayce arts Guild Member Page

I love to work in acrylics and do landscapes especially of Lake Murray. I’m inspired by the beauty of nature & hope it reflects in my paintings for others to enjoy.

Khin Win Myat

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

A woman from Burma found her passion for painting, writing, and photography in South Carolina.

Rachel Myers

I hold a master’s degree in Fine Art with a focus on mixed media. I specialize in 2D painting.

Eunhee Paschal

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

Eunhee is an amazing sculptor. She has won numerous awards for her work. Her whimsical sculptures are highly prized and are collected throughout the United States.

Roy Paschal

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

Roy Paschal was born in South Carolina and is particularly appreciative of its diversity and natural beauty. The wide expanses of a low country marsh to the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains provide never-ending inspiration.

Wyatt Perkins

Instagram: wyattperkinsart

I have been drawing and sketching since I was a teenager. I’ve recently started painting and working with digital art as well. I love creating art as a way to express my emotions. Seeing what I can create is an overwhelming feeling and makes me want to do even more.  ​I began taking art lessons during the pandemic. I was lucky to find a teacher who was willing to meet with me during such a crazy time.   I’ve been fortunate to have encountered some amazing artists and teachers who have helped me to grow as an artist.  ​Becoming a professional artist is my dream goal and making a living doing something that I love would be an amazing opportunity for me.

Holly S Rauch

I offer a variety of hand-painted art works and I specialize in “dot art”. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these works benefit the Lyssa Rauch Memorial Scholarship at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This scholarship is in memory of my beautiful daughter and who lost her battle with cancer in 2006 at the age of 20. The scholarship is awarded annually to deserving students in the Department of Theater and Dance.

Judith Sellers

After I retired from a career in education, I took art courses at USC in oil painting. I knew very little about the aspects of painting – I just enjoyed it. My art is a journey. I spend a great deal of time on each painting. I just can’t whip something out quickly. Painting can be like work, but it is a labor of love. I love the Impressionists and the post-Impressionists, especially Van Gogh. Georgia O’Keeffe is a favorite artist of the twentieth century.

Margie Shelburg

My love of art started as a young child. In my teen years, I started doing different types of needle art, but love the needle point and petite point best. I have stitched pillows, bell pulls, Christmas stocking, area floor rugs and even a pair of shoes. I also enjoy making jams and jellies in addition to painting with acrylics. I have loved and enjoyed going to the beach all my life. Many of my painting are beach, ocean or marsh subjects.

Edward Shmunes
(803) 331-8493

My challenge is to try to bring a fresh and engaging approach to any material. By instinct, I present an honest, yet somewhat surreal, commentary on the real or imagined world in which I live.

George Stone

Cayce Arts Guild Member page
(803) 354-0902

Stone is a representational oil painter who focuses primarily on landscape and still life subject matter. He paints extensively from life (plein air) but also works in the studio using plein air studies, sketches and photographic reference. He has won many awards and his paintings hang in numerous private collections.

Larrald Dean Stotts

Cayce Arts Guild Member page
(803) 300-1628

I create pencil drawings of people and animals.

Nancy Tuten

After exhibiting a keen interest in art as a child/young adult–even majoring in art at Newberry College under David Brown—I painted very little for 30 years, focusing instead on family and career. In 2017—children grown, work stressful, and retirement looming—I renewed my interest and have been trying to “knock off the rust” and to develop my nascent skills ever since. Painting centers me. It’s good for my soul. I am grateful for communities like this one in which artists can come together to support one another.

Skip Willits

Skip Willits Fine Art Photography, llc
Cayce arts Guild Member Page

With the rapidly changing trends in photography, the art collector has a great number of choices. Those choices range from techniques used by the different artists to the cost of those talents. It therefore behooves we artists to continue to be fresh in the objects we choose to present as well as the many talents that he or she is capable of. My choice of studies ranges from wildlife, urban, and maritime including lighthouses. Please visit my website (at the link above), which is very active, for images approaching 10,000 suitable for home or office.

Ozon Theswua Wilson

Edison and Me Lamp Company, LLC
(803) 529-2120

I am an Artist. A Visual Artist. Since a child, I have always been doing ART. From drawing, to later finding and developing a passion for Photography. My ART LAMPS are just an extension of my creative expression. With attention to art and design, my Edison Art Lamps are created and meant to be pieces of ART. The intention of the ART LAMP is not to be perfect, but to be uniquely created, original art pieces. Each lamp is designed to be a fully functional metal and wood art lamp.

Kathryn Wingate

Cayce Arts Guild Member Page

I think God’s creation is a wonder, and I enjoy finding spots to share with others. I’ve spent a good bit of time in coastal areas, and enjoy the bird life found at the rookery which was at Port Royal, but is now located somewhere else.
Bird life there was very active and all out in the open…I’ve also enjoyed many sunsets at various beaches, here in SC, in NC, and in Florida. I hope folks will love some of the photos I’ve taken, as I look forward to sharing them.