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Kimberly Case

I am a visual artist, focusing on fine art portrait photography. Hallmarks of my work are richness and whimsy. My photographs are often mistaken at first for paintings, due to their tones and aura. I incorporate sometimes humble, sometimes fantastical themes, wardrobe and props. I am primarily a portrait (and self-portrait) artist; in my works I seek to capture a moment in time, revealing an intimate aspect of the subject. I want people to feel something familiar when they see my portraits. In my art, I portray themes of quiet strength. Warmth and richness permeate my works; so do shadows created by a strong and directional source of light.

Sandra Courie

Sandra Courie

The process of learning acrylic painting has pulled me into a deeper understanding of art and broadened my perspective of this wonderful world we live in and how it affects me. I look, appreciate, and enjoy the wonder as my life is enriched by this new and ever-changing perspective. A drop of rain can reflect the world around it; budding leaves are not necessarily green, sometimes they’re yellow or red; I never even noticed until I became an artist. It’s been there all along, but when I began to put paint on a canvas, life became more significant.

Linda Elksnin

Linda Elksnin Art, LLC

Linda Elksnin is a painter and mixed-media artist who is inspired by textiles, folk and outsider artists, and mainstream artists such as Mark Rothko, Romare Bearden, and Marc Chagall. She uses a variety of media to create paintings on paper, canvas, and wood. Whether abstract or loosely based on reality, the common thread of her work is color and graphically pleasing design. Her work is frequently described as whimsical and happy. Elksnin is represented by the Charleston Artist Collective and her work is featured by Serena & Lilly, One King’s Lane, Artfully Walls, Saatchi, and Redbubble.

Pete Holland

All that I have ever wanted to do is create art. During my early school years it was my favorite subject and the only course that I could complete with any skill. That thought followed me through out my educational process so when it was time to consider a career, I chose architecture because I considered drafting to be artistic. Architecture did provide a stable income but I continued to think that I would never be happy until I could retire and paint as much as I wanted. That is what I do now.

Stephanie Hucks

Busbee Creative Arts Academy

The mission of Cyril B. Busbee Creative Arts Academy is to create learning opportunities for students to grow in confidence and have a sense of belonging through diverse programs in academics, arts, technology, and athletics. Cyril B. Busbee Creative Arts Academy will provide a quality education through arts advocacy, standards-based arts instruction, and integration of the arts.

Ann Kinsinger


I became enchanted with stone and metal many years ago. Using the primal element of heat, taking torch to metal, I work with silver, copper, brass, and bronze. I incorporate my own molten vision into my jewelry with hand-created metal beads, fused metal forms, silver chains, and charcoal-cast bronze and silver. Many of these are combined with beautiful and unusual cabochons and beads acquired over the years; others stand alone as unique and lovely creations. In more whimsical moments, I combine metal with found objects and my own hand-made paper to create playful earrings and other pieces.